If You Are Involved in an Accident …

Do Not Discuss the Accident with Anyone Except Police.

By discussing the accident with others you may jeopardize your case. Do not agree to a recorded statement without seeking legal advice first. The same goes for social media. Do not post details of the accident or comments to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or any other social media outlet. All of these sites may be searched for information. Do not agree to settle your case, accept an advance or sign any documents without first consulting an attorney. Remember, the initial consultation with us is always free.

Property Damage

Usually, the law requires an at-fault party to “make the victim whole.” This means you must be paid for the repair of your vehicle or the total value of your vehicle, whichever is less. You are not required to accept an insurance company’s evaluation of your vehicle. We will help you with the evaluation of your vehicle. If you become one of our clients, we do not charge for this service.

Medical Records and Bills

The law requires you to document your injuries before you can receive any compensation for them. An insurance company may refuse to pay your claim without this documentation. As part of our overall service, my office collects all records and bills to present a well-documented claim to an insurance company.

Wage Loss

As in the case of medical documentation, you must provide proof of your lost wages to receive compensation. Be sure to keep track of the hours you miss from work and have your doctor document that you cannot work during this time. If you will be off work for any length of time, it is very important that your doctor indicate in his records that you are not allowed to work due to your injuries. It is also important to keep your employer informed concerning your time off work. Often your employer will be asked to support your claim for lost earnings and if your employer does not know about your accident, your claim may be denied.
My office has a simple form for your employer to complete that will document the time and money you have lost. In the event your employer does not wish to cooperate, your wage loss can be documented through pay stubs before and after your accident to show your lost income.

Other Insurance

It is important to determine if there are other methods for you to receive compensation for your damages. Medical payments coverage under auto policies and health insurance policies are two examples of places to look for additional coverage. My office explores all possibilities, to be able to advise you fully concerning your rights.