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Our Team | Morrison Law PC
David Morrison

David Morrison

My name is David Morrison.  I am an attorney and I have been representing accident victims for over 30 years.  I am a solo practitioner and I will be the only attorney you have contact with when you hire my firm to represent you.  I have a support staff that will also attend to your needs and will help answer any questions you may have concerning your case.

By way of background, I graduated law school in 1981.  I have tried over 25 cases to a jury and have represented claimants in over 500 arbitrations.  I have represented over a thousand clients in cases that never had to be litigated.  In short, I have lots of experience in the field of personal injury.

I hope this website proves helpful and I look forward to meeting you.

Jeanne Figueroa

Jeanne Figueroa

Office Manager & Legal Assistant
I have worked for David for more than 20 years now. As David’s office manager and legal assistant, I take a great deal of pride in helping people get through what can be a time of serious crisis. I understand how scary it can be when an accident happens; you are hurting but have to work. You don’t know who to see to get feel better and it is hard to make those decisions because you are in constant pain. At the same time, you are uncertain how to proceed and who to trust to get your car repaired or replaced.

I’ve been helping our clients navigate through this process for over 20years. More importantly, I have been in the same position and understand how it feels. I have my Masters in Nonprofit Studies and continue to work with David not only because he is the best employer in the world but because I feel I am making a difference every day helping people during this stressful time.

Not every injury claim or car repair / replacement can be handled by the same set of numbers. After 20 years, we are often able to find the “out-of-the box” solution that better fits our individual client’s situation. I defer all legal questions to David and you can be confident we are on the same page and you are getting personal attention from our office. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have concerning your case or to assist you in deciding whether or not to have an attorney represent you.

Gloria Hoffmann

Gloria Hoffmann

I am a Paralegal and have worked for David for over four years, starting as receptionist and working my way up to paralegal. As the receptionist, I learned the full process of handling an injury claim from the property damage, through treatment and settlement. Thus, I have a clear understanding of what has happened with your case before entering litigation. I have my Associates in Paralegal Studies and I continue to work towards my Bachelor’s Degree.

I love being able to help clients navigate the somewhat confusing path that is litigation. Once a client and David decide that a case should enter litigation, I am your point of contact and will manage your case until the time of settlement. David and I work closely to ensure your case is handled efficiently and all of your questions and concerns are answered promptly.

I enjoy helping clients get to an end result that they are happy with, whether it be through Arbitration, Mediation or Trial. David and I confer on all matters, and make sure that we are doing what is in the best interest of the client. I am here to help you as much as possible. Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions regarding the status of your case.